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Founder of Lopes Incorporated

Lavonne Lopes

Lavonne Lopes is an experienced, resourceful, and gracious entrepreneur passionate about supporting individuals and communities in growing and doing what they wish and dream of doing for themselves and future generations. Her advocacies and causes near and dear to her heart include equal housing opportunities, services for people with disabilities, higher education, homelessness, and community activism. She volunteers to serve both in her community school as an educator and her church. Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1978, she earned herself a Bachelor of Arts degree in Rhode Island College and a Master’s Degree in Masters of Management from Brandeis University. Having been deprived of resources, opportunities, and financial support in her upbringing, she strived to do more for herself, which is why she made sure to gain the experience and become competent in her profession.

Lavonne has endured every challenging circumstance life has thrown at her. After establishing her identity and presence in the industry, she’s now headstrong in preparing herself to be in the best position to make a change in the world. Lopes Incorporated was established to support entrepreneurs in creating and enhancing their portfolios, exploring new avenues for success, and creating opportunities so that others could experience better lifestyles for themselves. As a mother of three gorgeous children, Lavonne’s family-orientedness ignites her passion for helping others create memories for their families. Her expertise in her industry allows her to assess the circumstances of the entrepreneurs looking to experience a fresher, more convenient way to achieve stability and independence in their respective endeavors. Lavonne also emphasizes the importance of patience to those anxious to see results, making her an ideal adviser to those just starting or looking to see improvement in this industry. Her thoroughness and mastery of strategy benefit her clients by considering all areas in which resources and opportunities could be maximized. What makes Lavonne distinct in her profession and industry is her passion and grace towards each individual she comes across. She skillfully recommends a variety of options that may not even have been considered in the first place and provides the steps necessary to propel others to where they want to be.

Lopes Incorporated specializes in developing strategies that promote your growth, stability, and success by providing personalized solutions and elevated experiences.

Rhode Island, US

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